The Oracle at Delphi's Predictions for the Mueller Investigation

With the high drama taking place in our government in crisis, I felt it necessary to travel to Delphi, climb the mountain and consult the great Oracle.  The Oracle told me that the following will occur with regard to the Mueller investigation:

1.  Trump will attempt to have Deputy AG Rosenstein fire Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor.  Rosenstein stated in his Congressional testimony that Mueller is doing a superb job and he has no cause to fire him.  Rosenstein stated this because he was under oath and it’s the truth.  Rosenstein made it very clear in his testimony that he is not willing to go to prison or lose his license by undertaking an order from Trump to fire Mueller when there is no cause to do so.

2.  Rosenstein will be fired by Trump.  Trump will attempt to replace Rosenstein and have a difficult time doing so.  They will be unable to find an attorney who is willing to risk indictment, prison or loss of his or her law license.  Trump will attempt to coax Trey Gowdy to leave his post to replace Rosenstein.  I expect to see at least one meeting between Gowdy and Trump behind closed doors to discuss this.  I predict that Gowdy, an unsavory man but hardly stupid, will politely reject Trump’s offer to become Deputy AG to replace Rosenstein.  Eventually Trump will attempt to have the Solicitor General, Noel Francisco, fire Mueller and he too will resign rather than risk his license.  Thankfully we have the Watergate case to reference in fairly recent history and no one sane will go down that same road for Trump.  Once Trump fires Rosenstein, the GOP will turn against Trump.

3.  Mueller will remain in place and continue his investigation as this goes on.

4.  I predict Mueller will have enough to indict Donald Trump, Jr.  I predict that a plea deal will be arranged to protect Trump, Jr. and part of that plea deal will include the resignation of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.  In the fallout, I believe Jeff Sessions will resign as Attorney General as well.

DISCLAIMER:  The Oracle instructed me to let you know that she takes no credit for these predictions and they are solely the opinions of the author, me. 😉


  1. Trump says he's NOT firing Mueller, even though Mueller's obvious bias in hiring exclusively pro-HRC Trump-hating SHILLS has been extensively revealed,,,

    Conclusion - Nice try, but Oracle needs to do a bit more work here...

  2. Trump CAN'T fire Mueller. He wants him gone and he's going to try to get rid of him. We shall see what happens, but I stand by the Oracle's predictions here.

  3. With a batting average like that, your Oracle may want to look into finding herself a new profession.

    Fortunately for your fans, your Twitter feed is often more interesting.

    Fond Regards,



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