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Senate Tax Reform Budget Hearing Tonight


A New Paradigm: How to Stop Islamist-Based Terrorism and Help the Environment

People on the right-end of the political spectrum believe that to stop Islamist-based terrorism, the US has to: 1.  Restrict Muslim immigration to the US 2.  Engage in military solutions and bomb them into extinction Both approaches are not only wrong, but they serve to grow this threat.  Islamist-based terrorism is powered by an ideology that is so vast, there is no way to eliminate the ideology by eliminating the people who subscribe to said ideology.  There are people who subscribe to this ideology all over the world, in every country on this planet.  The leaders of these movements who support this ideology have the power of the Internet to reach potential allies in every nook and cranny.  There is no end in sight to quelling this ideology with force.  There is no military solution to this dilemma. There are hundreds of thousands of US citizens who are Muslim and while most are peaceful and do not subscribe to the Islamist ideology of extreme violence against anyone who doesn

Trump's Tax Reform Lie

Trump stated during his campaign that he would punish companies that took jobs overseas with tax penalties. He said he would do something about companies that hoarded money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes. This "tax reform bill" does nothing of the sort. It gives large corporations tax breaks, does nothing to penalize companies that outsource jobs overseas and it does nothing to companies that hoard money offshore. Providing corporations with tax breaks and th e ability to hoard money in offshore accounts has been business as usual since the WTO and NAFTA came about, and probably even prior to that under Reagan and his famous trickle down economy that only trickled up. We know from this example that when corporations are given more money, it does nothing to create more domestic jobs. All this did was increase C-level executives' salaries - which has grown in the hundreth percentile when compared to worker salaries. Some CEOs are making 400% more than