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Child Separations by the Trump Administration: The Processes (and Inhumanity) Explained

The Trump policy is new.  Separating families of those caught entering illegally is a brand-new practice.  And it's terrible. There are, however, some misconceptions.  Primarily about asylum seekers.  I was under the impression, based on the media, that asylum seekers' kids were also being separated.  Until I had a conversation with a public affairs officer within US Customs Protection and Border Patrol. This is how it works: Families who come into the US through a port of entry who are seeking asylum are vetted by the Border Patrol.  They go through an identification process, a medical screening process, and a criminal background check.  They're fingerprinted.  If they have medical issues, they receive medical attention.  If they have lice, they must go through a delousing process.  The officer explained to me that sometimes people coming in for asylum have children with them who are not theirs and sometimes accompanied with a note from the parent giving the person &