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The BLM Movement is in trouble...

After the public lynching of George Floyd, I was very encouraged to see that most Americans, Republican and Democrat, finally understood what Black Americans   have been calling attention to for literally a century.   There seemed to be some bizarre belief among white people that Black Americans had achieved equality once the Civil Rights Acts were passed in the 1960s.   Demonstrations erupted immediately on the day following George Floyd’s murder.   Peaceful demonstrations.   And the world was listening.   Even Corporate America was listening.   Some people finally realized why Kapernick kneels.   And then it changed.   Violence happened.   The protests started turning into riots.   Looting, burning, even murders, were suddenly born out of the peaceful protests by people who hijacked and took cover among the peaceful protesters.   The very first act of destruction came from what some people are calling “the Umbrella Man” in Minneapolis.   A white guy carrying an umbrella and we